Technical Assistance

Technical assistance activities conducted by the CCED are time-specific tasks focusing on a specific content issue. The expertise to conduct technical assistance typically resides in consultants or experts, often brought into the community for a specific activity. When the task is completed, the expertise/knowledge generally leaves the community. Technical assistance is an activity that is inherently product-oriented rather than process-oriented.
Examples of technical assistance include assistance with grant applications, community specific land-use and economic development plans, market analyses, legal assistance, architectural drawings, and financial packaging. Depending on a community's needs and capacities, and the resources available, the CCED provides a broad range of technical assistance to community-based organizations.

The provision of training and technical assistance for citizens and their organizations is critical to the development of healthy, sustainable, democratic communities. In facilitating the use of university and community resources to address the problems confronting our most challenged neighborhoods, the CCED is engaged in offering relevant training and quality technical assistance with communities. The CCED remains committed to the belief that empowered and informed local citizens working collectively on issues of mutual concern are essential to the successful development of our communities.